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AL-TAHALUF Real Estate Company is one of the largest homebuilders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud of our multinational heritage through merging the expertise of our founders: Hamad Bin Mohammad Bin Saedan Real Estate Investment Group, and K. Hovnanian Homes – international developers of residential projects.

Bringing together more than 60 years of international experience in real estate development, the legacy of Hamad Bin Saedan and family, K. Hovnanian® Homes® is filled with innovation, entrepreneurship and growth with a pledge to constantly search for new horizons to develop and expand it’s home building business globally. Founded on strong family values, we consider everyone we come in contact with to be an essential part of our family. This includes not just the homebuyers we serve, but our associates, partners and communities in which AlTahaluf builds.

360 Riyadh was part of its upgrading movement toward the new technologies that is why they adabted Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality. Following in this project you will be exposed to two main projects we conducted Virtual Tour or Virtual Reality on them in Saudi the first one is Jawaher and the second one is Al-Bayt Alhurr. Al-Tahaluf Real Estate used these tours to introduce potential investors and potential buyers to their work of art and give them the chance to tour around the facilities and every feature that their houses are built with. Our plan is to expand and include Real Estate projects in Dubai UAE and make Virtual Reality or Virtual Tour Dubai a living reality provided by passionate professionals in a cost effective manner and straight to the point. If you loved this project please do not forget to get social with us and share it via social media or by email.

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