Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib – مستشفيات د. سليمان الحبيب

Dr. Suliman Al-Habib Medical Group (مجموعة سليمان الحبيب) is one of VRMENA biggest clients . Al-Habib medical group acquired a comprehensive and integrated Virtual Reality solution that is constructed in a responsive and user friendly manner which allowed to adapt on any device and any screen including any virtual reality gadget. Al-Habib medical group has wide variety of facilities and branches across the GCC region started from Saudi Arabia and expanded to Dubai UAE.

They wanted to acquire a showcase to help their clients and employees to understand their medical facilities and influence potential clients and investors to understand what technology they acquire. This virtual reality tool helped Al-Habib group in allowing new doctors to understand the tools and machinery as well as understand the construction of the hospitals in all branches. Throughout this virtual reality you will have the chance to explore and discover their facilities in Saudi Arabia and Dubai UAE soon we will conduct another virtual reality for their branch in Bahrain. Following are the branches that acquire virtual reality.

Saudi Arabia 
  • Al-Qassim – Alqassim Hospital
  • Riyadh – AlOlaya Hospital
  • Riyadh – Bone, Joint & Spine Hospital
  • Riyadh – Maternity Hospital
  • Riyadh – Takhassusi Hospital
  • Riyadh – AlRayan Hospital
Dubai , United Arab Emirates 
  • Dubai – Dubai Medical Hospital
View the branches now in full screen. Our plan is to make Virtual Reality Dubai a living reality by the help of 360 Riyadh Virtual Reality Dubai Team who acquire the skill and the professionalism in finalizing anything in a perfect manner. Virtual Reality is possible and cost effective with 360 Riyadh Team