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مجموعة مكارم الضيافة
سنتريا مول

Virtual Tours

We helped many
clients representing
their organizations
and businesses to be
visited by millions
online using their
gadget to virtually
tour around
their premises to get
glimpse of what
they have.

Virtual Reality

VR is growing fast
and become more
popular among the
biggest events and
internationally & the
demand on VR is
increasing. That is
why we offer an end
to end service with
high quality solutions

360 Video

Facebook , Youtube
and many more are
accepting 360°
Videos as their base
standard of new
media production ,
the next big thing has
arrived and we
provide it using the
latest cutting edge


From professional
portraits to athletics
& panoramas, we can
meet your needs with
one of our full-time
staff photographers.
To convert your
passion into a framed
reality .

Who are we ?

Empowering technology in today’s effective solutions and institutions
to shrink the gap of making reality into a virtual reality for a visionary
and more futuristic tomorrow. From the heart of Saudi Arabia and the
Gulf here is located a professional company dedicated to open up a
new frontier of technology for you and integrate it with your vision to
complete your mission


With the continuous development in the technology market and up growing sector of media
production 360 Interactive
is always aiming to be a leader in the industry by providing set of
services and solutions tailored to your needs so you can turn your vision into reality and
comprehend it with a technological taste . We are specialized in representing your idea into a
virtual reality that is responsive to use and reachable to anyone on this planet making it
available to use on any gadget .

Perfection in every service

Perfection in every service

Tailored with passion and professionalism


What we do is special , enjoy our multiple projects divided onto 4 main categories covering
almost all kinds like of business including education , business and events.

Web / Offline Version

Every project we work on have the absolute
integration of mobility either to work as an
online version throughout our server or an
offline version that you can use at any time
via any device.

Anywhere , Anytime

360 Interactive have finished many projects
internationally and domestically with high
efficiency and high end service . With us you
don’t have to worry about anything we can
work on your next big project.

Presentation & Customization

We can make your project look unique with
our professional customization that will
transform your project into an attractive spot
for potential clients and unforgettable
experience for you.

100% Gurantee

We assure you high quality of service
powered by an experienced team with the
latest cutting edge technologies that will
make your project the next big thing and
assures its adaptability everywhere.

360 Interactive | New Frontier

The potential of our services are truly limitless. Our technologies are continuously developing and growing. 360 Interactive was launched to bring together the world’s greatest monuments , places and storytellers to create a virtual yet realistic experience for you. We see new frontier opening for us and will be the pioneers of this industry.