The seminal comedy show Seinfeld has formed the basis of inspiration for the latest social VR experience as the famous apartment from the long-running show has been rebuilt in VR for you to enjoy immersively, along with a bunch of friends.

Debuting in July 1989, the sitcom Seinfeld, named after, written by and starring stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld, was considered innovative by many, groundbreaking by some but moreover it was just pretty damn funny.

27 years on and the famous apartment where most of the action took place has been lovingly recreated for virtual reality, specifically as a social VR venue that you’ll be invited to hangout in from July 5th, as social VR platform VRChat launches Jerry’s Place 2.0.


VRChat is one of the longest running social VR platforms out there, having appeared during the early days of the Oculus Rift DK1 and remains popular to this day.

Check out the teaser trailer (embedded at the top of this page) for a taster of things to come then be sure to swing by VRChat on July 5th to catch a glimpse of Jerry’s place for ‘real’.

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