Saco | ساكو

SACO | ساكو

SACO is a pioneer in the hardware retail and wholesale business, the largest total-solution home improvement superstore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 1985. SACO has the buying power to import the best quality merchandise from all over the world. Currently, there are Twenty Six SACO retail outlets in Fourteen cities throughout the kingdom, with over 45,000 different products on display extended on 2500 to 22000 square meters store space, with 13 dedicated specialized departments. In addition to that, wholesale offices are supported by professional salespeople offering comprehensive services and delivering items directly to customers. SACO aims at spreading the chain of stores in all cities of the Kingdom offering the best and newest products to the valued customers at affordable prices.

The SACO mission statement is as follows: “We will provide the finest range and quality of products and services. To further enhance our ability to build positive and lasting relationships with customers, we plan to establish complete home-improvement solutions available wherever and whenever our customer’s convenience demands.” 360 Riyadh created a virtual tour that is similar in structure as a real estate virtual tour which helped SACO store to market their facilities to potential clients and investors. This real estate virtual tour like provided for SACO was conducted in a responsive and user friendly manner and allowed users to easily view it via an adapted device. Our plan is to virtual tour Riyadh a living reality in Riyadh by the help of our professional team in 360 Riyadh.

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