360 Video

360 Video Production

As early adopters of this medium, 360 Riyadh has more than a decade of 360 video production experience.

Interactive video is currently seeing wide adoption on campaigns from international brands, music videos, TV and entertainment, sports, corporate training, the travel industry and more.

With the lowest barrier to entry of any VR content, brands can reach a massive audience of 2 billion smartphone users who can enjoy 360 video even without a VR headset.

Full Service Production

Pre-Production Planning

With our wealth of experience in the 360 medium, our team can help you execute your creative vision while avoiding pitfalls and common mistakes made in this cutting edge space.


As an agile team with over a decade of experience in 360 video capture, we maximize our time on location to ensure that we get the coverage you need, and more!


We can provide a full complement of post-production services including stitching, editing, sound design, grading, roto, composite, rig removal and optimization for multiple platforms.

Fully Equipped Post-House

Expert Stitchers

We start with best practices to avoid stitching seams during the production. But when that’s not possible, we have a variety of techniques to minimize and hide undesirable stitching lines in 360 video.

360 Video Editing

Editing without a frame is a whole new concept. With years of experience, we’ve figured out how to best choreograph the orientation of each scene, ensuring viewers experience it as we envisioned.

360 Motion Graphics

Titles, logos, and animations require special tools and distortion to display correctly within spherical content without warping. We can help design these assets, or work with you to convert existing assets for use in 360.

Rig Removal

360 video is all about capturing the entire scene. 360 Labs’ practices Leave No Trace principles, meaning we strive to remove any and all rigging from 360 shots, as if we were never there.

Color Grade

Accurate color representation is very important to us. We shoot all of our projects in log formats or raw color profiles to leave room for fine tuning in post. This is a workflow you won’t find with consumer level 360 cameras.

Roto & Comp

360 video gives us a huge canvas in which to tell our story. Tracking & composite in the 360 environment can be a challenge, our team can help to produce accurately tracked composite content & roto in the 360 medium.