Narcissus Hotel & Residence Riyadh


March 27, 2021

Narcissus Hotel & Residence Riyadh

It is one of the luxurious hotels in the region and worldwide Narcissus Hotel and Residence is a well known accommodation and luxury relaxation for people who are visiting Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and want to have that Royal feel with the quality food, decorations and amazing friendly staff. Apart from winning many international prizes and recognition. Narcissus Hotel and Accommodation management and marketing team stepped up their game by adapting Virtual Reality to what they have.

Acquiring such a tool helped their team marketing their most exclusive accommodations and rooms by allowing visitors to take a tour around their most fancy suites and enjoy where are they going to staying. Virtual Reality tool helped their team to market their acquisitions by viewing on their official website and attaching it to the room page as well as introduce the people who booked this accommodation to its facilities and features.

360 Riyadh made this Virtual Reality an unbelievably interactive that allows the viewer to tour around the room and test on the TV or hear the piano playing and enjoy high definition that is amazing to view via any device in a responsive manner and using any Virtual Reality gadget including glasses.

Our plan is to expand in Riyadh and make Virtual Reality Riyadh a living reality by putting all of our experience and passion on local projects and regional. If you loved this tour give us some motivation by sharing via social media.